Indoor Dog Potty

Give your dog the freedom of relief you enjoy by installing an Indoor Dog Potty

Many dog owners experience the same problem –
How to cater for their pets natural urges when they are out of the house or apartment for extended periods of time.

If someone doesn’t let your pet out then you are probably going to return to a mess that needs cleaning up!

An “Indoor Dog Potty” is a simple & easy solution to your dilemma.

Most people are very familiar with litter boxes for cats but very few are even aware of the availability of  potties for dogs.

So why not just use a litter tray?
While you may be able to train some very small dogs, chihuahua’s &  pet poodles  to use a cats litter tray you may well have the same issue as larger dog owners will experience “A Mess”
Dogs have a tendency to wipe their feet afterwords, which inevitably sprays the cat litter everywhere – Not a pretty sight.

What styles of Indoor Dog Potties are there?
You can easily divide the types of Dog Potties into two groups:
1/ Soak Up – Mats & Pads
2/ Drain through –  Top tray with a waste liquid reservoir.
Soak up pads & mats are obviously cheaper in the short term, however you will need to replace & dispose of them, both expensive over time, messy &  bad for the environment.
Although a larger initial investment, a Drain through dog potty is a better solution.

Drain Through Potties are available with either plastic grids, synthetic grass or natural grass.

Indoor Dog Potty If you just consider ease of cleaning then a plastic or synthetic top grid is the best solution, however our investigations revealed that many dogs just don’t adopt to this style as easily, so training your pet to use it could be more of a challenge.
UGodog from Amazon

General opinion is that it is easier to train your dog to use a potty if the initial surface is grass, it can later be changed to synthetic, however to get going real grass is best.

The Best Solution

Porch Potty

Porch Potty
The Indoor Dog Potty

  • Drain Through
  • Easy clean waste receptacle
  • Optional attachable waste line
  • Natural or Synthetic Grass Surface
  • Optional sprinkler for surface cleaning
  • Available in Small & Large Dog Sizes
  • Indoor Outdoor Use

The Porch Potty has all the features you require for quick potty training & clean up.

If you live in a house with an enclosed garden or electronic fence then a dog door is an option – special collars & automatic pet doors can ensure only your dog has access in & out.

For Your Indoor Dog Potty – Visit the Official Porch Potty Website

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JulieSciortino July 26, 2015 at 3:27 am

I am looking 4an indoor electric dog potty
Disposal unit. Sell in Chiana but I would rather buy USA. WORK ON same principle as grass but poop triggers pan 2 slide ⬆️& catch it & store 4 ⬆️ 2 2 days. TY 4 any help U can give me Blessings Julie

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